04 February 2009

Mr. Wizard on His Dream Job

The mysterious FreeMyMuse asks...

If you could write for any show, which would it be and why? And what culinary accompaniment would best fit (decided to shake it up a bit)?
Hmm. That's a bit of a noodler. Lemme see...

First the list of close, but not quite dreamy jobs. (Mind you, I'd kill your mother, my mother, and Mark Mothersbaugh for any of these gigs.)
  • Mad Men, Dollhouse, Virtuality, or Caprica for the opportunity to work with some of my very favorite genius writers in the business.
  • Leverage, FNL, or HIMYM to work on a show I truly dig.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as my go-to example of a show that's absolutely dreadful but for which I would still give my left nut to write.
In the end, because The Middleman isn't likely to be renewed, it'd have to be Burn Notice. It's got a great vibe, sharply defined characters, the right mix of comedy, drama, and action for my tastes, and Bruce Campbell. Who wouldn't want to write for The Chin?

And the culinary accompaniment...well, uh...Red Vines, M&Ms, and cold Chinese. It's a writers' room, after all.