18 February 2009

Ask Mr. Wizard Wednesday

You know what today is? That's right!

Questions about me, advice for the lovelorn, software questions, writing questions, questions about the annual cinnamon harvest in Sumatra...ask 'em and I'll answer 'em. I make no guarantees of the quality, veracity, or utility of the answers, but you'll get *something* either useful or funny.

Ask your questions in comments and I'll be posting your answers through the following days. This will keep you coming back and keep me more actively engaged over here. See? We *all* win.


Anonymous said...

whathappenedtoyourspaces? ;) lol

2old4this said...

Ah the finely tuned humor and endless bravery of Anonymous.

I spared you the dieting question last week. No such luck now!

It's generally known that refined carbs, such as flour, are big no-no's for people on a high protien diet. Heck, it's generally known that they're just bad period!

But just how much processing results in a "refined" product?
For example, oatmeal is just sliced oats as far as I can tell, so would that be OK since it's whole grain? Or is just the slicing enough processing to make it "refined?"

What about stuff like Ezekiel bread? It's even more "processed" but still called "whole grain."

Where's the line that separates just enough processing and too much processing?

sme said...

Hey! Great idea with the questions. I can't think of one now but I'll be back!