18 February 2009

Mr. Wizard on whitespace

One A. Nonymous asks...

whathappenedtoyourspaces? ;) lol
I was trying to do my part to help out with the world-wide shortage of whitespace, but this isn't a problem individuals can solve on their own. Governments need to step in. This is a systemic problem, and we need to tackle it at the root.

With blogs, social networks, Twitter, and ubiquitous text messaging, first-world demand for whitespace is at an all-time high. As long as that's true, suppliers are going to step up, threats of extinction or no. No rock concert to raise awareness or hip PSA is going to help. Hell, if my family were starving in the bush, I'd go out there and poach zebras for their stripes as well.

I tried to scrimp and save a few spaces, but in the end...what does is accomplish? I'm just one wizard.