20 February 2009

Sketch War: Fry and Spiner

Another good week for us here. Six men entered and brought forth six great sketches designed to star Stephen Fry and Brent Spiner. Why? Because the thespians had Twitter all aflurry last week as they discussed the possibility of working together. We thought we’d toss our ideas out for the fun of it.

Oh, and we launched at our new home! Let us know what you think.

Next week your six brave warriors will be back with sketches on the prompt social networking. And there are rumors we might have some a couple new warriors of a more Amazonian nature. So be sure to bookmark, subscribe, and tell all your friends.

And remember, if you think you’ve got the comedy chops to do battle with our scarred and bitter warriors, if you dare step into the hailstorm of seltzer and cream pies, if you think you’re MAN ENOUGH or WOMAN ENOUGH to make us laugh, write a sketch and contact us at sketchwar(nospam)@sketchwar.org.