26 August 2007

Supershort read: I Love You, Beth Cooper

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I was looking for a quick read the other day and saw this sitting on one of the sky-high piles of books to read on my nightstand. The wife had enjoyed it, the reviews were decent, and it wasn't going to take more than a few hours. Four hours later (after some interludes in which I had to actually help with an upholstery project I said I would do) I turned the final page. My life was permanently changed.

Nah. It's not earth-shattering. But it was funny, light, and compelling. All the while I was mentally casting the characters for the movie soon coming from the tortured psyche of Chris Columbus. (You remember in Multiplicity when they cloned the clone of Michael Keaton? That's how John Hughes made Chris Columbus.) In fact, it's clear from reading the book that Larry Doyle - former writer for The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, Daria, and more - had been shopping his screenplay around town for awhile until he got so frustrated he figured he'd prose-ify it.

Haha! Joke's on the clowns who passed before. This slight book garnered enough attention and sales to warrant more money than if they'd just bought his screenplay the first time around.

If you have a soft spot for sweet-hearted teen comedies like Can't Hardly Wait, Ten Things I Hate About You, or the classics like Sixteen Candles, you'll enjoy this book. If you find their empty calories vapid and charmless, avoid this like the plague.