16 August 2007

Well met, helmet

Back in the day I was quite into cycling. Fit my personality beautifully, providing me hours of quiet time with my thoughts. I had quite the crush on the ebullient Rebecca Twigg, in small part for her two-wheeled prowess, in (very) large part for her awesome cuteness, and in (probably bigger than the former but smaller than the latter) part because she'd gone to college early (16, as I recall) and graduated in short order.

It was no small cause of grief between me and my 'rents that they'd prevented me from skipping grades the two times it was offered to me in school, and this aspect of the lovely Ms. Twigg just enhanced her appeal to me. Smart, athletic, AND cute. A triple-threat. (Wifey-poo, as you read this you should realize why you're such a catch to me.)

So about seven years ago, I'm talking with my Fly Tenafly buddy, O. He'd also been into cycling in his teenybopper years and the topic of Ms. Twigg came up. And his recollection of her cuteness equaled mine. "To the Internet!!!"

Oh, we found Rebecca. She was working on her MS in computer science at UCCS and had a ***resume*** out there! Unfortunately, her emphasis on UI wasn't going to fit in particularly well at our company dedicated to building network monitoring/management tools, but we did think about seeing if we couldn't convince her to fly out to Cali for an interview...just to bask in the glow of the Twigg.

So the other day my mind was a-wandering and alit on a Twigg. So I made like Barney Google with the Goo-goo-googly eyes and looked for her footprint. It's actually smaller now than it was at the turn of the millenium! I didn't know that was possible, at least not for someone still actively involved in software. From what I can gather, she finally finished up her thesis work and got her Masters this past spring. But really, I'm just guessing there. There are a few faint echoes of her time at UCCS, but nothing like what one would expect for an Olympic medalist and former postergirl who'd just finished up her MSCS. Rebecca, Rebecca, wherefore iz-it thou?