10 January 2008

Dexter Dancing Dreamily

There's video above, FeedReader

An *awesome* little music video about Dexter. Contains season one spoilers, so don't watch if you don't already know who the Ice Truck Killer is.

I came to Dexter really late and am about 2/3 of the way through season one now. As usual, it comes down to my unnatural skinflintiness regarding paying for HBO and/or Showtime. I'll fork over money for lots of things I don't use that much - ask me how many games I've watched on ESPN Full Court this year, or example - but I just can't justify paying for those two channels. It means I end up behind the curve on a lot of great TV, unfortunately.

Anyway, Dexter - great TV. Once I get through season one and catch some of season two, I'll likely make it a target for a spec script. I should have *no* trouble capturing Dex's voice, as I too am a psychopath with no concept of your human emotions. Moo-ha-ha!!!

If you don't recognize the source song upon which this ditty was created...oh holy crap! I love YouTube. Not only did I find a video for "88 Lines About 44 Women" by the Nails, but I found one where the video consists of stills from Kim Possible!!! Enjoy!

via Chad Gervich


Dan said...

Two thirds of the way through? I hope that means YOU know who the Ice Truck Killer is, and didn't go into s1 having watched that video then! BTW, season 2's much better, amazingly.

R.A. Porter said...

I was safe. I knew the identity of the big bad. I've pre-ordered season 2 from Amazon already...just counting down the days.