17 January 2008

Musk or Lilly, Rose or Bergamot?

There's video above, FeedReader

It's been, and will likely continue to be, quiet around here for a while. I'm a bit busy at work, trying to get back into some better habits, and really trying to get over my seasonal funk. So the occasional short posts continue, *maybe* interspersed with a rare longer piece.

For example, we're thinking of heading out to Barrett-Jackson this weekend, and if we do I'll endeavor to file something big and juicy, maybe even with *photos*. No money burning a hole in my pocket, so no bidding this year, but there are a few cars there I'd *really* like to see (even the poor hacked-up sister of my car.) Plus, TheWife's excited to see a few VW Things and The MonkeeMobile.

But, in the absence of cogent political analysis (they all suck, some just a little less than others,) clever criticism of film, TV, and books (avoid 'reality' shows but enjoy the rest,) or metaphysical discussions (fire BAD! bread good!) I thought I could at least link to America's first philosopher, first inventor, and first among equals. And no, it's not that sloppy dressing, sloppy thinking, morally suspect douchebag Jefferson. I'm pretty sure I've made this clear: I respect rhetorical excellence from rhetoricians and writers. From leaders I want something more substantial.

So here, without further verbal masturbation, is Ben Franklin on an important issue of his day, and ours.