14 January 2008

Netflix drops streaming restrictions

You know what I haven't tried yet? Even once? Streaming a movie from Netflix. My in-house wireless connection is a trifle shaky, so I limit my streaming in the house to porn. That way, if it jitters and pauses it seems like I'm getting a show along with the show.

But maybe I will try streaming a movie from Netflix at some point, seeing as they're dropping their restrictions.

Until now, Netflix restricted how long its more than 7 million subscribers could use the streaming service each month, based on how much they pay to rent DVDs.

For instance, under a popular plan that charges $16.99 per month to rent up to three DVDs at a time, Netflix customers could watch as many as 17 hours of entertainment each month on the streaming service, dubbed "Watch Instantly."

With Monday's change, virtually all Netflix subscribers will be able to stream as many movies and TV shows as they want from a library containing more than 6,000 titles. There will be no additional charge for the unlimited access.


Anonymous said...

great news, I didn't know that. I have watched 6 things so far and never had an outage or skip. with the recent news they are selling their tv-top boxes for immediate home streaming to tv, maybe they will get more newer titles