09 January 2008

Great Ascot!

You do not want to fuck around in Milwaukee County Circuit Judge William Sosnay's court. Hell, you don't even want to be a natty dresser.

In the courtroom of the pompadoured judge long known as a fastidious dresser, a sentencing hearing in a misdemeanor case was delayed for three hours Tuesday after a veteran prosecutor turned up for court wearing an ascot.

A courthouse rule requires all lawyers to wear neckties, but prosecutor Warren Zier's occasional choice of creative cravats drew the judge's ire.

Sosnay's review found Zier's red ascot - which matched the handkerchief in the breast pocket of Zier's pinstriped gray suit - "borders on contemptuous," given the judge's prior warnings that he only cottons to neck- and bow-ties.
Now, I don't personally rock the ascot because it's not 1973 and Paul Lynde isn't inviting me over for whiskey sours. Still, I'm warming to the idea. I mean, that's a sweet, sweet look. Plus, you get the comfort of the open collar along with the dashing look. Hmm.