01 January 2008

Hello 2008

December 31, 11:30pm: Ears are ringing in the New Year, if nothing else. Caught the cold that had been tossed like a hot potato around the office the past few weeks and it's nestled in my head and throat. Starting to doze off, so it's time to pack it in and head to bed. No blaming the head cold, though: I think the last time I left the house on New Year's Eve was...hmm...the '80s?

January 1, 12:00am: Slipping, slipping, almost there, Morpheus taking me...BOOM! Crackle Crackle Crackle! Excellent. Hillbilly hoedown. Reason #326 why I hate living in Phoenix: rednecks. The fireworks - cheapass stuff that sounds like bottle rockets and M80s - continues for a little while, accompanied by a-hootin' and a-hollerin'. Doze a bit more, but the bombs bursting in air keep me from slumberland.

January 1, The AM Hours: Realize the large tactical error I made yesterday at Walgreen's. Yes, meth is best. Bought myself a nice big box of Tylenol Cold with the good stuff, even though it entailed the extra effort with my license and the pharmacist. No biggie. The ephedrine replacement is worthless; couldn't slow a sniffle for a second. But the meth does tend to keep me awake. Oops. I guess rest is out of the question for tonight.

January 1, Daylight Hours: I heat up some lentil soup (I was just healthy enough yesterday to make a nice big pot) and join TheWife for her ongoing Mad About You marathon. The Office marathon came to a close last night, and she's pushing through season one of Paul and Jamie when I'm sleeping and when I'm awake. Such a cute neurotic couple. Such an underrated sitcom.

January 1, Daylight Hours Cont'd: Going along with our very slow job of getting the house back together after the floor, we're finally ready to move the bed out of the guest room. This requires physical labor on my part, labor that normally I wouldn't mention. Sure, the mattress is heavy and awkward as hell, but other than that there's nothing to it. Except, Mr. Headcold has invited over his friends Congestion and Phlegm. I take several breaks as my heart races and I nearly hyperventilate. Scary, and a bit emasculating.

January 1, Daylight Hours Waning: Happy New Year Everyone! Yeah, that's it. Done with the whimpering and whining and whingeing for now. It's a new year (which really just means I have to remember to write "2008" on checks) filled with promise and hope. Starting out with a cold, it can only go up for me. Woo-hoo!