23 January 2008

Off ID comments, redux

I've been growing frustrated with the speed of the blog lately, so I removed one of the slowest loading elements. So we're back to Blogger comments again. When I realized it was loading so slowly that many people were getting around the Javascript to the Blogger comments anyway, it just seemed like a better idea.

I really like Intense Debate, and sincerely hope that Google looks to acquire them, or license their technology. They're good guys who've created a pretty nice little service, but I'm tired of beta testing right now. Probably because I'm too busy writing/debugging/re-writing software at work right now. I'm not looking to do *any* of that when I'm not working.

I may, of course, go back again. So, some comments are gone for now (I'll copy them over if I have the time and energy,) but who really cares about that? Y'all come here for *my* brilliant insights, clever writing, and sparkling wit. Besides, we've got too many lurkers and not enough active commenters. Let's get cracking, boys and girls!


Brian B. said...

"Besides, we've got too many lurkers and not enough active commenters. Let's get cracking, boys and girls!"

Careful what you wish for!

R.A. Porter said...

True, true. I might end up with a lot of spam. Then again, I might find out how to GROW THREE INCHES!!!

Brian B. said...

Be more specific, I can grow my belly three inches in a week.

Height maybe? You're plenty tall enough.

Don't know about you, but 3 inches to my John Thomas would be too small a percentage increase to bother with.


R.A. Porter said...

I dunno. Let's see. .75 + 3 = 3.75. Yeah, that'd be pretty good for me! :)

Mike Olbinski said...

Wow, back off them again huh?

I just couldn't do it and am much happier now that I haven't had to deal with the issues involved.

I'm with you though, I hope they can improve and maybe Google will buy them for the Blogger platform.