21 November 2006

I need a Hiro

I've got a season pass for Heroes, but am three episodes behind. I really want to like this show (despite the Milo-factor) but its pace is wrong, the tone is too pretentious, and half the actors should be getting me free refills for my Pepsi. Then there's Masi Oka.

Masi Oka plays Hiro, the most interesting, interested, and exciting character on the show. I'd first noticed him as Franklyn, a lab tech on Scrubs, and thought he was a nice fit on the funniest show left on tv. It looks like Scrubs showrunner Bill Lawrence wants to bring Franklyn back this year...with his powers! Perhaps he'll do a Chem-7 and bring the results before they're requested?

Or maybe he'll use some of his other abilities and bring a perfect wave crashing on Sacred Heart?