19 November 2006

Thanksgiving Travel

Great travel advice from Ken Levine. Here's a couple samples:

Before you fly to New York and have to negotiate JFK just remember – the parade is on TV. And it’s the same balloons as last year. The only difference is that the stars of NBC’s big new hit from last year, COMMITTED won’t be there.
* * *
Southwest has no reserved seating. Get in one of the latter groups boarding. You don’t want to be one of the first to sit then watch as fifty people glance at the empty seat next to you, then to you, and decide to sit somewhere else.


Sean Carter said...

Hey thanks for the link...found it really nice...thanks agan for haring such info with us....and hey for some more suggestions on Thanksgiving do visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and find out all it has to offer....have a great Thanksgiving!!!!