21 November 2006

Whimper to a Scream

Congressional Quarterly is reporting that the Foley investigation may fizzle out.

Nearly two months have passed since the disclosure of inappropriate computer messages from former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., to former House pages.

While the scandal that once dominated the headlines is no longer leading the news, a House ethics investigation that was supposed to take "weeks, not months" may not wrap up before mid-December, according to those involved with the probe. And it appears the investigation may end with a whimper, not a bang.

Interestingly, that's how many of Foley's evenings end up.


Brian B. said...

I love this Foley thing as it points up the hypocrisy on both sides.
When ol' Studds was caught packing boy fudge, the Dems gave themselves a standing ovation as they refused to censure him. The Republicans were foaming at the mouth.
Now, it's the Dems on the attack against this "pervert" and the Republicans have to eat shit (which should cut down a little on the foam).

I do believe I'm going Libertarian from now on.

R.A. Porter said...

I hate to rely on Wikipedia for anything, but it's certainly quicker (and cheaper) than checking Roll Call archives, and Thomas doesn't go back that far.

Here's what the wiki has to say about the censure:

The House voted to censure Studds, on July 20, 1983, by a vote of 420-3. While Studds has often been reported as having "turned his back on the House" as the House read its censure motion aloud, contemporary reports made it clear that in contrast to Crane, who faced the House as the motion for his censure was read, Studds faced the Speaker who was actually reading the motion, with his back to the other members. Also in contrast to Crane, who left the chamber after his censure, Studds rejoined the other members of the House after his censure was read. In addition to the censure, the Democratic leadership stripped Studds of his chairmanship of the House Merchant Marine Subcommittee. Studds was later appointed chair of the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Studds received two standing ovations from supporters in his home district at his first town meeting following his congressional censure.

That ain't refusing to censure, unless there were only 3 Dems in the House at the time. And a standing O from his district supporters isn't all that shocking.

Brian B. said...

Well fuck me to tears.
No, not literally.