04 November 2006

I want to keep my mind a little hazy; I don't care if all my friends think I'm crazy

Obviously, I could say a lot about the Ted Haggard news. But I won't. I just feel bad for that poor guy. He really needs to get himself tested. I mean, can you imagine the sorts of diseases you could catch from an evangelical pastor?!?!?

If Rev. Haggard didn't smoke the meth, "a drug used in some gay circles to heighten sexual sensation", it's only because he was so turned on by Mike Jones' "bodybuilder physique" that he didn't need drugs or chemicals to ride his ass all the way to Jerusalem.


Angela said...

Oh lordy, gay druggie sex is such a sin. We need to get rid of positions where people can become easily tempted and stray.

Burn all the pastors and priests! Then go for all the princes, prime ministers, and presidents!

R.A. Porter said...

See if we just got rid of the churches and the people railing against "sin" then this wouldn't even be a sin. 'Cause Ted can let anyone he wants fill his cornhole if he just shuts up about cornhole filling as sin.