01 November 2006

The Terror of Colorado Boulevard

The latest tempest in a teapot over John Kerry's remarks at Pasadena City College remind me of his (in)famous "voted for it before [he] voted against it" blunder. Why is it much ado about nothing? To stay with Shakespeare...because it's a tale told by an idiot.

John Kerry most reminds me of Cruiser (played by the underrated character actor John Diehl) from Stripes. A well-meaning - but ultimately limited - buffoon; in over his head when standing in a puddle.

I joined the army 'cause my father and my brother were in the army. I figured I better join before I got drafted.

Sgt. Hulka
Son, there ain't no draft no more.

There was one?

Or was Kerry referring to something else when he told the PCC students to do well in school or else?


Earl said...

The thing about arriving to a tea party 2 days late is that the tea is often cold. You might want to check up on the text of Kerry's prepared statement to the PCC vis-a-vis his spoken remark.... Idiot.

You most remind me of another little old lady, Emily Litella:
"Never mind."

R.A. Porter said...

I had already read his prepared text and the transcript of his Imus interview.

It doesn't make him less of an idiot. The man can't speak in public, even with prepared remarks. You'll note that they reminded me of his "voted for it" comment...in which he spoke the truth, but so inarticulately that he could not be taken seriously.

So, I'm left with two choices:
* believe his explanation and consider him an idiot for his inability to coherently paraphrase his prepared remarks
* believe he was trying to make a humorous reference to the war of his youth without realizing that today's college students wouldn't necessarily pick up on the deferment joke

Either way, he's an imbecile (an opinion from which I've never once strayed.) I tossed in both possibilities, with the added benefit of quoting someone as confused and befuddled as he.

If you want to accuse Tony Snow and the idiots of the right of blowing this out of proportion (ie: referring to it as "a tempest in a teapot") I can whole-heartedly agree. If you want to defend JK for his remarks, I can understand. If you want to defend his intelligence - while impugning mine - I don't think I understand you at all.

Brian B. said...

Dick Armey - Barney Fag, er Frank: Another "tempest in a teapot" from the other side.
Ah politics.
Though Kerry does have a 35 year history of hating the military and those who serve in it. Or at least making it sound an awful lot like it.

R.A. Porter said...

Saying "I think you're so sinful that I'd like to 'save' you by burning you at the stake" != "tempest in a teapot". Though I will grant that there are alternative theories as to the etymology of "fag" as a term of disparagement for gay men.

So was that a slip of the tongue or a shout-out to the far right? Red meat to the red staters, I suspect. That doesn't equate to JK's ineptitude with public speaking.

Brian B. said...

I wasn't clear at all, sorry.
What I was getting at was that Kerry made a comment that was insulting to those in uniform. Democrats say, "bad form, let's forgive and move on" while Republicans say "no forgiveness."
Dick Armey made a slip that was insulting to Homosexuals. Republicans said, "dumb slip, let's forgive and move on" while Democrats said "no forgiveness."

R.A. Porter said...

That was pretty much what I'd thought you meant. I guess I'm with my fellow Dems on this; I don't think the Barney Fag comment was a slip. I think it was intentional. Perhaps he meant to just think it and not say it aloud, but that is barely better.

As for JK, I think he's a moron, but even if what he said was actually what he intended, as a Vietnam-era vet, his comments aren't insulting to those who choose to serve, they're warning to those who'd choose not. In case we ever bring back conscription, these words of wisdom can help these kids be like Dick Cheney.

I just don't see how what he said (and certainly not what he claims he meant to say) are insulting to servicemen and women.