16 November 2006

Shh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting co-workers

I'd get along with these guys.

A group of Saitama used car salesmen whose idea of punishing a co-worker allegedly involved using him as a target for air rifle practice and as an ashtray are now being targeted themselves, but by crime fighters, according to Shukan Shincho (11/16).
He wasn't just a co-worker. He was an incompetent co-worker.
"It's a fact that I wasn't used to the work and made a lot of mistakes. And I hated getting told off so much, I once forged some documents to cover up a bungle," he tells Shukan Shincho. "At first, even when I made mistakes all they did was scream out at me. But, by about autumn, whenever there were no customers around, they'd all hit me and kick me."

The air rifle was too gentle, I think. Forging documents? WTF? Bitch can't do his job, takes that employment opportunity away from someone who might be capable and competent, and he wants not to be tortured? In the U.S. we torture people* for looking like Arabs. In Japan, apparently, they can't torture people for being a complete drain on society.

* Technically, we don't torture anyone. We render them to a friendly nation to do our torturing for us.