14 November 2006

Stream of Crappiness

I've been having an odd few days and find myself spinning my wheels. I want to write, but know not what...maybe stream-of-consciousness (in free [really free] verse) will do it for me.

Well, I just finished the "poem" below and think I should offer some pre-critiques:

  • That's some crappy free verse. It's more like weird blank verse that doesn't scan well
  • The first stanza doesn't hold together at all. It's almost SoC, but the jump from L3 to L4 is a bit too abrupt
  • The stanzas have no commonality tying them together, other than me whining "oh woe is me"
  • Seriously...the tennis stanza? WTF? Something almost, vaguely positive amidst all the bitching, and that's the best I can do? With the un-clever twist on its L5, it's aiming for a thematic twist like the closing couplet of a sonnet, but coming up way short
  • Ah, it's all okay. In the final stanza I go meta...since I acknowledge how crappy the poem is, it must be alright, right? It's okay to produce crap as long as you say it's crap

I flew
I drove
I ate on the road (crap I ate, fast food to go)
I watch my inbox, grow testy as it slumbers
Each day at work is worse than the one before it

Can't write
Can't think
Projects left half-done (half-done overstates the case)
Even this blog feels more like working than pleasure
Each day of life is worse than the one before it

My back
My knees
Pounding and twisting on court are taking their toll
Still, there's not enough tennis to fill up my days
Each game played is better than the one before it

This post
These lines
I cheated, of course; though the output really sucks
Whiny, dreadful verse; no better than a school girl's
Each post I write is worse than the one before it