15 May 2007

Pops' Goon Squad

Either Cheap Shot Bob is the smartest baller to ever roam the hardwoods, or Pops has got John Chaney on speed dial. At this stage in his career, Horry doesn't provide the same offensive fireworks as in his clutch past, but he might still be this series' MVP. It all depends on how PHX reacts.

Yep. Duncan and Bowen jumped on the floor in the 2nd quarter. Yep. Stu-Ball didn't suspend Tim-may. I'll say one thing about all this: I for one no longer believe the commish rigs anything that goes on in the Association. Dick Bavetta really calls 'em as he sees 'em, the Knicks really won the Ewing draft, and the league doesn't care if anyone watches the finals.

If I were D'Antoni, I'd be playing Jalen Rose a lot on Wednesday. Whenever Tim-may's out and Parker's on the floor, I'd send Jalen in to "guard" Parker. Clearly, the NBA approves of NHL-style enforcers in principle; though they will suspend the enforcer, they will reward the team. Let's see if Tim-may can keep his ass glued to the bench.