19 February 2008

Daily Headache

Am I the only human being left who has his full complement of both the rods and the cones?

I work with...people with whom I'd rather not work. My one friend, love working with him. And then...even the ones younger than I behave as though they are much, much older. Older in aspect, older in energy, older in outlook, older in ability to fucking see without putting on motherfucking overhead lights.

Do they try turning on the task lights at their desks first? No.

Do they try turning on the uplights near their desks first? No.

Do they go straight for the migraine-inducing piece of shit fluorescents? Hell yah.

I can only imagine it's because that's the lighting they're used to at home, in the nursing home.

Please, someone, explain to me why knowledge workers, sitting in front of luminescent monitors all day, need any but the most minimal task lighting? Is it *just* to piss off those around them not born in the Truman administration?

And let's not forget: when the sun's up they have the blinds closed so that horrible, natural light doesn't bother their eyes.

Used to be I could get in early and have a couple hours of fluorescent-free work. Or I could stay late. But we've now grown to the point where there's an annoying person who thinks she needs shitty light from 7am till past 7pm. There's no fucking window of blessed darkness anymore.


Michael Brownlee said...

Ugh. I hate the fluorecents. Every time I try to sit in the break room (corner of the office, windows on both sides) with the lights out, someone has to come in a flip the switch and ask why I like sitting in the dark. Idiots.

Mike Olbinski said...

Wow man, this has been a huge topic for myself and I used to work in a cubicle area where we all had lights under our shelves in the cubes, so the overhead stuff was unnecessary...but they always had to have it on.

It's a struggle...