15 February 2008

FNSW: 62nd Annual Moriarty Awards

(Dancers finish up what must have been a large and elaborate number as lights dim, music stops, and applause is heard. A curtain closes and Billy Crystal walks to the center of the stage.)

Wasn't that great? I've been informed that no animals were killed during the performance of that dance, but two senator's daughters and the ambassador from Uruguay all sank another two inches in Ernst Blofeld's quicksand trap!

To present our next award, here is last year's winner of Villainess of the Year and this year's winner for Best Robotic Attack on a City: Population 1 Million or More - Poison Ivy and Dr. Victor Von Doom.

(Doom and Ivy enter and walk to a podium stage right.)

Victor and I don't strike fear in people's hearts all on our own--

--I do.

--and you wouldn't be able to enjoy your favorite megalomaniac--


--striding down the street ahead an army of zombie cyborgs without the help of thousands of people.

It takes dozens of scientists, engineers, and technicians just to maintain the fusion reactors, floating fortresses, and giant lasers used for burning names on the surface of the moon.

Not to mention the costume designers, bio-engineers, sentient killer squid, and henchmen who make all the best plans come to life. They make us look good. Earlier this week in a separate ceremony, those folks got together for their awards presentations.

(Roll video of Henchmen Banquet. Henchman is standing at podium, clutching a Moriarty tightly.)

...like to thank my mother, for never being there for me. My first parole officer, for believing I'd never be a contributing member of society, and...

(BOOM! The brick wall behind the stage explodes, revealing Superman. Mass pandemonium as all the henchmen try to flee.)

HAHAHA! Maybe next year they'll make it all the way through that ceremony.

(Music swells and Ivy and Doom walk off the stage. Billy reenters from stage left.)

(Doing his Fernando Lamas impersonation) Doom, Dahling. Enough with the mask already. Take it off. I can tell, underneath, you look mahvelous. And that Ivy. I'd like to dig around her roots. Have you seen the stems on that one?

(Back to normal voice) It's not often I'm awed in someone's presence. Jack Benny, George Burns, Bob Hope, and this next man. What can I say about this next presenter that won't get me killed in a giant thresher? He's a level-nine intelligence, a snappy dresser, and an absolute lady-killer. I mean that. He kills ladies. Literally. Ladies and Gentleman, Lex Luthor.

(Lex enters to a hearty round of applause, waving and smiling.)

Thank you, thank you. Thanks for that welcome, everyone. Although I shouldn't be surprised by it. After all, I do have satellites targeting all your loved ones!

(Polite laughter.)

And by loved ones, I of course mean you!

(Raucous laughter.)

But you're not here to listen to me joke, or to tremble in fear at my presence - though tremble you should - it's time for the big prize of the night. The Moriarty for the Evil Plan of the Year. The nominees are: Dr. No for his plan to replace the world's oil supply with sea water, foiled by James Bond; El Seed for his plan to release genetically modified corn that can grow on asphalt, foiled by The Tick; The Joker for his plan to poison Gotham City's drinking supply, foiled when he abandoned the plan midway through out of boredom; Kingpin for creating an army of evil hybrid Spiderman-Daredevil clones to take over New York; and Heat Miser for trying to melt out Christmas...again!

(Fumbles with envelope, gets out card. He squints a few times but can't make it out, so he puts a pair of granny glasses at the end of his nose.)


(Dr. No starts to get up in the audience.)

Sit down, Julius. I didn't call your name. The winner is Kingpin, for creating an army of evil hybrid Spiderman-Daredevil clones!

(As Kingpin rises and waves at the applauding crowd, alarms start ringing and lights start flashing.)

To the escape pods!

(Billy comes back to the podium as everyone runs away in the chaos.)

See you next year, folks!


Michael Brownlee said...

(shaking fist at sky.) You survived this time Porter. But next week, you won't be so lucky!

And just so you, I was imagining Gene Hackman as Lex and not any of these johnny-come-latelys.

R.A. Porter said...

Hackman's a good way to go. Other acceptable answers are

my once and future avatar
The Clancy Brown-voiced version
with this handsome visage