06 February 2008

Discipline Me!

Sitting at lunch with the Latin Snake today and in walks a mom, her two little boys, and her mother. A moderately attractive woman in her early '30s, she reminded me a bit of Amy Sedaris. Attractive, but nothing spectacular. I went back to my rice and beans.

About fifteen minutes later, one of the young boys misbehaved a very small bit and mom smacked the back of his hand. This impressed me, and got me a little hot.

Firstly, you've got a woman willing to correct and discipline her children. That's an unusual and attractive quality these days. No "timeouts" or pleading or bargaining, she just smacked that hand with perfectly metered force. Secondly, you've got a woman who's willing to correct and discipline. I mean, sometimes I'm naughty, too.

So I reevaluated this woman whom I'd discounted earlier. She looked much hotter to me now. More like Amy Sedaris.


Michele / akkasha said...

This is one of the few times you should be glad you live in AZ. *grin*

I have *rarely* seen any parent disciplining a child in public. When they do, the dirty looks they get from others is anywhere from shocked to loathing to picking up a phone to call child services for abuse.

It frustrates me as a parent can talk to a kid til they are blue in the face. What will it get them? A blue face. Kids under a certain age do not parse certain things. If they don't understand there is a negative reaction to their actions, they will never learn anything. *shakes head*

My nephew is terrible about disciplining his son. It happens once in a great eon. And it shows that the boy lacks discipline as he is a terror. The kid told someone in school that his dad spanked him. The school called child services!! *shake head* The kid is not skittish or withdrawn, certainly not showing up to school with bruises or breaks. Yet they think he has been abused? It is crazy.

R.A. Porter said...

Nah. That crap's just as bad in AZ. She just had the good fortune to be seen only by someone who appreciates appropriate levels of discipline. Another time or place, I'm sure some namby-pamby little nancy would have called CPS.

Michael Brownlee said...

I (heart) Amy Sedaris. I just want to scrunch her up on a blueberry muffing and slather her with...ahem...sorry. I...uh...er...have you?...did my...is that my phone?...

R.A. Porter said...


I see for Michael's benefit I should have used this photo of Amy.

And I know whatcha mean. Some butter, some honey, Amy, and me sounds like a great weekend getaway.

Uh, you wouldn't mind dog sitting while I do that, wouldja?

Michael Brownlee said...

No. That sounds great. You just run off with my future wife. Fine with me. Doesn't bother me a bit. Nope. No rising urge to murder you in your sleep. Have fun. The dog and I will be fine.

R.A. Porter said...

See, now you're getting all snippy over it, I'll have to spoil the surprise. Amy and I were just going to be looking at rings for you. She decided that since you've been so slow to act, *she* is going to propose to *you*.

But now the surprise is gone. Great.

Well, maybe the how, when, and where will still be a shock. All I have to say is watch out for Jumbotrons and champagne glasses.

Michael Brownlee said...

(blushing) You two! I should've known.