04 February 2008

Super Tuesday: Vote!

Clinton or Obama, McCain or Mitt. It doesn't matter. Just be sure to vote.

Unless you're a Ron Paul Revolutionary. Then just stay home. There will be black helicopters monitoring the polling stations. You don't want them following you back to your bunker.

I've made my feelings pretty clear over the past few months. I'll be holding my nose and voting for Hillary. Make your feelings clear and (even you lurkers) leave a comment: who's got your vote?


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Here in Massachusertts, I've got to go with the Big 'O.'

R.A. Porter said...

That's the thing with Massachusetts. You love your Big Vowels. You vote for the Big O and eat corndogs at the Big E.

Quick update all: I did *not* have to hold my nose this morning! I walked to the polls, and it was so cold I was sniffling too hard to be offended by my own vote!!!

Michele / akkasha said...

I voted for Obama. I know you have voiced your opinions on him pretty strongly. But I think Hillary will ensure that we won't see a woman president for at least 200 years to come. She is manipulative and only out to get power for herself.

I would rather see Obama make mistakes because he wants to try to do what he thinks is best. Rather than making mistakes to ensure her own power structure.

Sad thing is, I suspect Hillary will win the nomination. And I am pretty sure she won't get elected. Mind you, I don't know if Obama can either. But I would rather give it a shot and remain hopeful.

Where's Josiah Bartlet??!! *grin*

2old4this said...


Of course, he wouldn't stand a chance in the Presidential election, but I don't see anyone else I can bring myself to vote for.

Yeah, like the song sez "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."

Tosy And Cosh said...

Hillary. In the the end, it came down to my discomfort at Obama's "let's get the hell out of Iraq this second" stance, as opposed to her more reasoned "let's start getting out, but the right way, even if it takes longer than we might otherwise like" stance.