11 February 2008

Repo Returns!

Back in '94-'95, Alex Cox wrote a screenplay for a sequel to Repo Man. Thanks to the youth culture in Hollywood, nothing ever came of it:

In '94-'95, I wrote it as a film script and gave it to Peter McCarthy, who was one of the original producers of Repo Man. And he showed it to Jonathan Wacks, who was the other original producer, and they said, ''Let's take it to [ex-Monkee and Repo Man executive producer] Michael Nesmith and have him present it to Universal officially.'' We all came down for the meeting at Universal, and the executive that we had been delegated to meet was, like, 21 years old and had never seen the original Repo Man. [Laughs] And so it was an absurd meeting of these four old men and this sprightly individual who just didn't know what we were doing in his office.
But now, we're going to get to see Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday in some of its splendid glory. At least we'll get to read it as a comic with some fantastic looking art from Chris Bones.

I have to admit, I've not seen Repo Man in ten or fifteen years, so I'll have to toss it at the top of my Netflix queue, but man this is sweet.


2old4this said...

Repo Man was great! I'd love a sequel. I'll always regret not having tried crank, though Black Beauties were a lot of fun too.

Thanks for reminding me of it, I'll have to rent it and let my kids see it.