02 February 2008

Looking down, into the future

"I should have worn the wingtips."

The left: JFK's official White House portrait.

The right: still image of Barack Obama used at close of "First" television ad, currently playing in AZ. I assume the image - and if you watch the ad you'll see it in the context of its very dramatic, extreme framing - is used in more than just this one ad, but is not in any other ads shown in AZ.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe the similarity is unintentional. Certainly the pose is less closed-off, as the arms are held more akimbo when in the pockets. It is also a slightly more relaxed pose than JFK's. Still, each time I've seen this ad - and it's the one I've seen the most - I'm struck by the image. Then again, I'm predisposed to see the campaign working to draw attention to any and all JFK comparisons.