12 February 2008

My Media Week Meme

Huh. I'm usually so careful. I always wear protection when I blog. I never get tagged. Oh well, best to go to the free clinic and get a shot. Fortunately this one'll be cleared up in a few days.

Mike at A Mike Life tagged me with this meme, so here goes:

I've got multiples in play as usual. Finally decided I should read H.G. Bissinger's Friday Night Lights, so that arrived the other day. Of course, TheWife pulled it off the stack first. I'll see if I can't pry it away by the weekend. I just finished volumes one and two of Mark Andreyko's Manhunter on a recommendation, and was pretty entertained. Plus, I've got to catch up on Y: The Last Man. All said though, I think the next book I'll pull and read is probably Carry On, Jeeves by Wodehouse.

Lots and not so lots. I'm a couple weeks behind on Breaking Bad, so I need to catch up on that. There are UConn games be watched, Gonzaga games to be watched, and...well...not much else on the tube right now. At some point this month there should be a production of Sondheim's Company on my PBS affiliate, so I'll have that, and there are still four more episodes of Cupid to rewatch along with Alan Sepinwall and the rest of the Strike Survival TV Club. And in a few months, fates allow, new television again, including BSG.

This is the easiest. Not much new for me right now. I've got Dean Gray's American Edit spinning in the car stereo, might switch over to Live'r Than You'll Ever Be from the Kleptones if the mood strikes me, and I've got a bunch of episodes of the Coverville podcast backed up on my 'puter at work.

Now that I've been infected, I've got to touch five others...
Jared (who really doesn't post often enough)


Mike Olbinski said...

Glad to see another Breaking Bad fan...catch up tomorrow night :)


Michele / akkasha said...

Sounds like I need to check out some of the AMC stuff. I didn't see Mad Men either.

Filled out the meme on my blog.

Jared said...

Didn't realize you had become such a fan of Coverville, one of my favorite podcasts.


R.A. Porter said...

Yep. I started listening on your rec. He does talk on a bit much for my taste, but the selection is often quite excellent.