26 March 2008

Jezz Fucker has the smallest tool in Hollywood

And some people thought that after the strike, there'd be no reason to watch Nikki Finke. Without her, I probably wouldn't have seen this until April 3rd. And that's not nearly long enough to build up the kind of intense rage this deserves.

Goddamn motherfucking worthless sack of goat shit. Douchebag goes to candy stores, finds the littlest kids, steals their candy and throws it into traffic.

Hopefully SAG has the stones the writers didn't, and shuts down Hollywood. Add one simple demand to the list already in place: fire Jeff Zucker or we don't deal with NBC-Uni. Besides, shouldn't turning The Peacock into a third-rate network, battling with the C-fucking-W for last place, be enough cause to can his sorry ass? The hell with SAG; GE stockholders should be demanding Zucker's head.

Or maybe Hova can have the bitch shot for his parting words.