05 March 2008

Movie Quote Quiz - Answers

All the answers are in comments on the quiz, but for the more sane amongst you who aren't following those comments, here we go.

  1. Angel Heart, solved by John.
  2. Gattaca, solved by Carrie.
  3. Rounders, solved by Carrie.
  4. Some Like it Hot, solved by John.
  5. Giant, and no one got this. Rent this movie!
  6. Camelot, solved by Sme.
  7. Guys and Dolls, and no one got this. Some of you are going to have to hand over your musical theater appreciation club cards.
  8. Aliens, solved by David. Please note that a) I think this movie might be better than its predecessor and b) I really wanted it to be a Paul Reiser quote. Think of me what you will for those two facts.
  9. When Harry Met Sally, solved by David.
  10. Joe Versus the Volcano, solved by no one. No joke, this is a seriously underrated romcom. Note that this was the Meg Ryan portion of the program.
  11. Network, solved by John.
  12. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, solved by Sme. Seriously folks, me? Pass up an NPH quote?
  13. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter, unsolved. I really like Tony Randall, that's all there is to it. This one was crazy hard, sorry.
  14. Rocky, unsolved. Remember when Sly could *write*?
  15. Serenity, unsolved. And this one killed me almost as much as G&D. Really? No Whedon fans read *my* blog? And none of you thought the "Dong-luh mah?" was a little odd? A wag of the finger at all y'all! :)