04 March 2008

Welcome to Woody!

The votes are in:

Benchley - 4
Wodehouse - 3
Whedon - 1
Corinthian - 1

Add in the super delegates and...Wodehouse edges out Benchley by the tip of his cute little brown nose.


Kari said...

Woo hoo! Hello Woody! Long live the super delegates!

R.A. Porter said...

I'm a Democrat. I don't know what I would do without my super delegates. Sometimes, I worry they're an anti-democratic crutch, but then I light a Cuban with a $100 bill and relax.

Now if Woody could learn the trick "don't cry all night long" everything would be rosy!

sme said...

aww. He's freakin adorable, even if he does have the wrong name.....

2old4this said...

Yep, you are indeed 100% Democrat.
Well, no not quite 100%, you did not vote more than once (that I know of).

I suspect Ben - oops - Woody, is crying because he's a Republican?

Whatever, he's a cutie!

R.A. Porter said...

You know, he might be a Republican. He keeps barking at the gardeners and trying to steal my wallet. :)

You are correct. I only voted once. If only I lived in Texas, with that weird primary + caucus system. Or Chicago with Mayor Daley...