05 March 2008

Watchmen Pics!

I can't believe Watchmen is a year away! Then again, after 20+ years of waiting, I can't believe it's only a year away!

Always a fan as well as a director, Zack Snyder's got a new post up at the official production blog. Photos of most of the principals in costume. I had a little nerdgasm from the pic of Rorschach before. Imagine how I reacted when I saw this set of five! And let me tell you, as every prior production shot has shown, the set designers have nailed the universe. Archie looks wicked cool behind Nite Owl.

But don't take my word for it. Click through.

As much as I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight and Iron Man this year, that pales in comparison to the tantric delight I'm building up for Watchmen.


Michele / akkasha said...

I am hoping it is worth the wait. *crosses fingers*