21 March 2008

Who's more famous now, Clint?

PZ Myers gets interviewed for a movie. PZ Myers goes to a screening of the movie with his family and a guest. Producer of the film has security ban PZ Myers from the screening.

Big deal. It is a free country and the producer of the "documentary" Expelled is free to bar admittance to anyone he chooses at a free, pre-release screening. Especially as PZ Myers is a biologist and Expelled is Creationist propaganda. I'm sad such propaganda exists; I'm sad science is so disrespected in this country. But...

Without all of that - the crappy movie, the ham-fisted expulsion, and (essential to the story) the disrespect for science - we wouldn't have the punchline. PZ Myers' guest. He presented his British passport when asked for ID. He was admitted to the movie with a passport that reads Clinton Richard Dawkins.

Here's Myers' report from last night, blogged "from the Apple store in the Mall of America" while the movie was still playing. Here's a story in the Times that gives the producers their say. But let's be real: these are the sort of folks who think Kirk Cameron and his croco-duck are the bees knees. Not exactly the sort of folks with a firm grasp of reality.


Tavis Sarmento said...

That's hilarious-- I can't wait to hear Dawkins's report!