27 March 2008

Thank you d-bag; now I can be a success

Minor irritation for me today. Hopefully someday I can turn it into a bigger irritation for someone else. I'd added a widget to the blog a few days ago with a scrolling feed from the "scribosphere", a collection of blogs from screenwriters and spec monkeys. I also added my feed to the collection as I'm a spec monkey whose most frequent postings are on television.

Looks like someone took offense to my being listed, most likely because my last posting was not on-topic, and I was removed. But y'all know me...

I took a scan over the feeds and immediately recognized two for writers who do not write for film or television, one of whom has never expressed interest (on his blog; I don't know what's in his heart) in writing for either. I know this because I frequent both these writers' blogs daily. They're great, fun places to go and I've linked to them before. On top of not being screenwriters, both of these people frequently post on topics which are tangential at best to film and television. I didn't bother to check any of the other feeds listed (many of which I also regularly read and know to belong to screenwriters or screenwriters-to-be) because I'm congenitally lazy.

So as befits my petty nature, I've removed the widget from the page. As *more* befits my petty nature, if I ever find that I'm re-included in that collection (anyone can go to the site and recommend a feed) I'll be immediately demanding to be removed. And if it happens more than once, I'll make myself a boil on the maintainer's ass, forcing him to keep me off permanently. It wouldn't be a big deal to special-case the software (or just use an exclusion list) to keep feeds off that do not want ever to be included. But I hope it pisses off the keeper of the code.

I'm that fucking petty.

Realistically, I'm quite happy about this little irritation. I could write for me. I could write for fame and glory. I could write for money. But all of those reasons aren't enough to guarantee I'd overcome my laziness. But writing to FUCK someone else over? Writing, so I can become important enough to other writers that every fucking day someone submits my site and I can demand to be removed? Writing so I can make someone miserable? Now those are reasons to get up in the fucking morning!


Shifafire said...

love it! necessity might be the mother of invention but it's father is revenge.