05 July 2008

But the title is cute, at least

There's video above, FeedReader.
Yeah. Okay, I'm all for making movies where the sexual orientation of the characters is secondary to their function/purpose. I think it's great that a production company exists - Baby Steps - that wants to make movies where non-stereotypical characters happen to be gay. What I don't think is great is making shitty movies that make no goddamn sense.

From the trailer, I've learned that if the Earth's geomagnetic orientation flips, the plant is doomed!

Apparently the planet has been doomed hundreds of times in its history.

You know, I don't expect directors and screenwriters and producers to know a goddamn thing about science. Really I don't. But Jesus Christ, do a fucking Google search, will ya?

Or hire a "technical consultant". You could pick up a freshman physics major for cheap and she'd know more about science than the accumulated wisdom of Hollywood.