30 July 2008

My Interview with Alex Epstein

Woohoo! Posted my interview with Alex Epstein up at Pop Critics. It's a pretty interesting look inside the show and some of the writing process. Please check it out if you get a chance.

PC: Did you put the team together back in Canada and fly it out as a group - I know Denis McGrath joined at the same time as you - or did you fill it out with local South African writers? How big was the writing team and what was its breakdown of Canadian to SA writers?
AE: The writing staff was Denis McGrath, Sean Carley and I. We had independently “auditioned” for Bob and Diane, our exec for CHUM, and given our “take” on the show. I met Sean on the plane; I met Denis the next day.


Michael Brownlee said...

Fucking awesome! Nice get. And nice interview.

And on the egotistical side of things - Who-hoo! I'm two degrees from Alex Epstein!

R.A. Porter said...