31 July 2008

Open Letter to my co-worker

Dear Whiny Bitch,

Just because I treat you like you're stupid, you shouldn't feel bad. From where I sit, over 99% of the world is wanting in intelligence, so you're in good (at least popular) company. Besides, did I really treat you all that badly? I mean, sure: I asked the same question five or six times in a row, with incremental increases in volume. And sure: I tried explaining that as a yes/no question it should be relatively easy to answer. However in my defense, YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTION.

Let's try your options on for size, shall we?



"I don't know."

Not really all that difficult. I'm pretty sure a seven-year old could handle the variety of answers.

Now, as to your bruised feelings...

Fuck you.

Crying at work? Seriously? This is why I have to fucking pinch my nose and vote for Obama in November. Because women like you make it so that America will NEVER except a woman as President. You're an embarrassment to your gender. Might as well get the fucking vapors.

In conclusion: learn to answer yes/no questions with "yes", "no", or "I don't know" the first time they're asked; don't fucking cry at work.

Thank you,


sme said...

Ha. Very Nice. There's nothing like a good blog to release the anger towards co-workers.

2old4this said...

That's "accept' not "except" you brainless fucking twatburger.


R.A. Porter said...


See? I get so riled that even a pissy grammar nerd like ME can fuck up a simple word!!!

Nice to see you back, Brian!