16 July 2008

How is Captain Hammer like Eliza Doolittle?

Act II is up and it is HAWESOME! Songs are even better than Act I and things are really building to a head. The twists, the turns, the intrigue, the frozen yogurt!

And after checking that out, be sure to read Joss's interview with Gawker. He's hilarious. For a taste, here's one of the top three musical jokes *ever* told:

Q. Nathan Fillion strikes me as a great big pirate/cowboy sort of man-among-men. Surely such men cannot sing! Can he? Like really?

A. Nate's got pipes. (But we used Marni Nixon's voice anyway.) There's very little Nate can't do. He's a renaissance man! Like with the sculpting and the Italian guys!


worldofhiglet said...

Yes that Joss Whedon has a sense of humour all right! And in less than 3 hours we'll be able to view the final installment of Dr Horrible - I can't wait.