11 July 2006

Arizona has a Senate Race, Too

I've been talking too much about the Ned and Joe show; I think it's time I said something about my local elections. It's just so easy to bad mouth John Kyl, I'm not sure where to start. Oh wait, I know...John Kyl is a lying, deceptive, sack of shit. But at least he and fellow traveler Lindsey Graham got caught. Thank you, Emily Bazelon.

Of course, Kyl's happy to save us from the "death tax" as well. Because we all know how much that hurts the common family. With that tiny little $2M minimum, I mean who doesn't have to worry about paying that tax? I know my parents are sure to leave me at least three oil wells, a Kennebunkport spread, and the Texas Rangers. Doesn't everyone get that much?

Unfortunately, I'm pissing in the wind here. These jackholes in Arizona will vote for whatever nutjobs are tossed their way, the whackier the better. They'd make Joe Stalin governor for life if it meant more traffic cameras and free borscht for the Minutemen.