25 July 2006

Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel Acceptance of Lunch Invitation

Yep. Judge Pendleton Gaines of the Maricopa County Superior Court had to rule on this motion. Fortunately, his honor has excellent sense (and good taste in food, it seems.)

There are a number of fine restaurants within easy driving distance of both counsel’s offices, e.g., Christopher’s, Vincent’s, Morton’s, Donovan’s, Bistro 24 at the Ritz-Carlton, The Arizona Biltmore Grill, Sam’s CafĂ© (Biltmore location), Alexi’s, Sophie’s and, if either counsel has a membership, the Phoenix Country Club and the University Club. Counsel may select their own venue or, if unable to agree, shall select from this list in order. The time will be noon during a normal business day. The lunch must be conducted and concluded not later than August 18, 2006.
In footnote number four, the wisdom really shines: "The Court suggests that serious discussion occur after counsel have eaten. The temperaments of the Court’s children always improved after a meal."

Would that the Plaintiff and Defendent were half as wise.