26 July 2006

Dick Pound Knows If You Are Sleeping

Perhaps next year, Dick Pound and WADA can go after athletes who lift weights. I mean, wouldn't it be a violation of the "spirit of sport" to make yourself stronger than your competition? Oh, wait, that's not a "purely passive activity that nonetheless enhance[s] performance."

But saunas and hottubs, look out: you're next.

Dick Pound doesn't want you sleeping in an altitude tent.

Dick Pound...frankly, I just blogged on this so I could write "Dick Pound".


try_athlete said...

Hey, as long as altitude training is still legal why not try it out?

R.A. Porter said...

Well, it'll remain legal, just banned in WAPA-sanctioned events (like the Olympics, international track and field events, etc.) And I won't try it 'cause as a fat basketball and tennis player, I have much more efficiency to be gained by, you know, dieting and exercise.