21 July 2006

Tesla girls, Tesla girls

Testing out theories
Electric chairs and dynamos
Dressed to kill theyre killing me
But heaven knows their recipe
Woohoo!!! It's unveiled! Looks like an Elise, which really isn't all that shabby.


Brian B. said...

So have you put a down payment on one yet? Got yer name on the waiting list?
C'mon, this thing is projected to cost about the same as your Panoz. Maybe they'll take trade ins?

Being a Democrat & all (uh, wait a minute, making assumptions here, don't remember ever discussing this, ah well, a liberal anyways), you are somewhat compelled to purchase one and dump the Panoz.

Besides, electric cars are the ultimate argument for more nucular (pronounced new-cue-ler) power stations, which fact makes me giggle every time I hear tree huggers gush about zero emissions.

Truly though, I am jealous of the Panoz, how's it doing? How many miles have you accrued?

R.A. Porter said...

Nah...I don't like first model year cars. Besides, I'm still in love with my gas guzzler. Maybe in a few years.

I haven't put a lot of miles on it yet; I figure this fall it'll get a few long runs - Palm Springs, Vegas - so I can really open it up. Until then, it's mostly just driving around town and hoping I get ricers or muscle cars next to me at lights. :)