29 July 2006

Lamont: The Choice of a New Generation

, he not doing too good. (Thanks to Greg Sargent over at TPMCafe.)

Equally startling is the composition of the senator's support. Doug Schwartz, survey director at Quinnipiac University, said Lieberman polled ahead of Lamont only among voters 65 and older, those with incomes of less than $30,000 a year, and those without a college degree.

Lamont, 52, ran ahead in the survey among voters in all other age and income groups, as well as among those with college degrees, Schwartz said. Lamont outpolled Lieberman among men, 56-44 percent. Fifty-one percent of the women surveyed backed Lieberman, to 47 percent for Lamont, a statistically insignificant difference.

I'm not sure what's really "startling" here. Basically, if you're senile or stupid you're for Joe.

Now, for those of you who know the Nutmeg state, you know that the weather - like everywhere in the Northeast - sorta sucks. Not really the best of winters. If you've been to Florida (and been near a restaurant at 3pm,) you've probably met a lot of those people who would have been voting for Joe had they not fled to the warmth. The snowbirds don't fly north to vote.

As for the income breakdown, I'm not sure why those making less that $30K would be polling stronger for Lieberman. I can theorize a few reasons: overlap with the uneducated and elderly; greater interest in homestate pork for its economic impact; and less free time to read all the "radical blogs" pointing out Joe's failings. Unfortunately for Joe and his GOP buddies, Connecticut's the leader in per capita income.


Brian B. said...

New Generation of crackers!


and, regarding this and an earlier post about Castro and "you're in bed with Ding-Dongs:"


Now I fully expect crap like the first from Liberals, but the second makes me kinda sad.

R.A. Porter said...

I can't say I disagree. If this was a DoD attack, then whomever engineered it should suffer the same fate as Charles McGee for his little New Hampshire phone jam scam. Of course, there's the possibility that on the eve of such an historic election, the site was honestly overwhelmed, but that seems highly unlikely.

As for the Lanny Davis piece...what can I say...
a) if he thinks vitriol has never been spewed by the Left, he should get his head out of his (or Joe's) ass
b) if he thinks that blog comments are that big a deal in terms of spread and impact, he should see (a) above
c) if he thinks this is a new phenomenon, he should read old IRC and Usenet threads. Godwin's Law gets invoked so often it's scary.

So, I expect crap like this from both sides of the aisle (in fact, I believe it's the xtian right who frequently say I'm going to burn in hell) but am nonetheless disappointed when it happens.