20 July 2006

I'm an idea man Chuck, I get ideas, sometimes I get so many ideas that I can't even fight them off!

Jason Zengerle has a profile on Newt Gingrich up at TNR. It's...there are no words. The man doesn't seem to recall the ignominious defeat, the infamy over the sickbed divorce, or the fact that his factotums on the Hill and K Street rose to power at his behest.

When Gingrich talks about his speakership, he does so in the way Democrats of a certain age talk about the Kennedy administration. "It's a little bit like Camelot," he says. "There was this golden moment when Republicans cared about ideas and kept their word." He adds, "There's a certain virtue to my having left, because there's a clear break point, and then, after I left, gradually the spirit of DeLay and Abramoff became symbolic."
Really? Like Camelot? With the betrayals and fruitless search for the grail? Because I thought that's what we still had with DeLay and WMDs.

Oh, maybe he meant "Spamalot". I hear that's a riot, plus one of my favorite actors is taking over Arthur's coconut shells.