06 July 2006

Damn Reprehensible Jews!!!

Wait, I'm unclear...is Droney an anti-Semite, or an anti-anti-Semite?

“I find the behavior of a large segment of the Jewish community to be reprehensible and outrageous,” said John Droney, a former chairman of the state party who is advising Lieberman to run as an independent. “When he’s in trouble like this, they all ought to rally to him. It’s too bad that you have to listen to an Irish-American to realize that you’ve got to support your own home cooking.”
Blintzes and bialys for all!

So Droney's point is that people should back candidates of their own faith/ethnicity/race no matter what? The black community should wholeheartedly support Alan Keyes and crazy white folks David Duke? Using this calculus, shouldn't Droney be an unabashed fan of Pat Buchanan?

It's too bad that he has to listen to a Sarcastic-American to realize that he's batshit.

But I do like me some matzoh ball soup.