15 May 2008

Broadway Joe vs Hollywood Skank

Joel Keller at TV Squad has an interview with Carter Bays of HIMYM up. They discuss this season, the impact the strike had, the switcheroo casting of Sarah Chalke for Alicia Silverstone, and some other topics. Now, what other topics did they discuse, let me think...oh yah, Brit-Brit. Bays has this to say about how she fit organically into the show:

The example that is always in my mind is it goes to the classic... you know, Joe Namath's tour bus breaks down outside the Brady Bunch house. And he comes out teaches Bobby how to throw a football.

We would never do that. What was great about the Britney thing from the beginning is that it was a funny character that helped fill out the world of this new character Stella as she is related to Ted and it sort of all came out of something natural to the show.
Really? That's the party line? Oh yeah, he also said,
I guess what I'm saying is that there was never a moment where we as writers were like, "This isn't funny but we've got to get Britney on the show so let's do it." I mean, we've – I stand by that episode. I thought it was funny. I thought it was good.
So now I have to assume he's either completely full of shit or a consummate liar. That was the worst episode of the year. And I'm *not* limiting my assessment to HIMYM. I've seen episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody better than the pile of manure I watched this past Monday.

Trust me Carter: I'll take Joe tossing footballs with Bobby Brady over Britney Spears stinkin' up the joint any day and twice on Mondays. I'm not alone.

The clock starts the next time Britney shows up on HIMYM. Every second she's on screen it runs. When the clock hits 15:00, the TV goes off and HIMYM is dead to me.