22 May 2008

...you just put your lips together and blow

I've often wondered at the guys on construction sites whistling, calling out, and otherwise crudely commenting on female passersby. Do they hope one day, one of these women will stop and want to meet them? Do these sweaty, smelly, ass-cracked, hairy dudes with beer guts do this instead of Match.com? What do they hope to gain?

I've looked down at these men of course. No more. They're just very, very patient. Whistle long enough, at enough women, and eventually you'll whistle at this girl:

An Israeli tourist who felt harassed when New Zealand road workers whistled at her Thursday stripped naked in response, police said.

Workmen in the small northern farming town of Kerikeri were repairing the main street when the young woman took offense at their attention.

On a balmy late-autumn day, she calmly stripped bare to use an ATM - bringing an abrupt halt to both the whistles and the road work - then put her clothes back on and walked away.

Sgt. Peter Masters said the woman told police she didn't take kindly to the men's wolf-whistles.
I'm going to start whistling today.


sme said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Interesting way to retaliate.

And yes, it seems that Indiana Jones was put to bed years and years ago - but I went to watch the snoozefest anyway. Mostly just for the nostalgia and the theme song. If you are expecting anything more than that from the new movie you are in for a huge let down.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Isn't that like giving a kid who won't stop whining for a snack a deluxe ice cream Sundae to shut him up?