20 May 2008

Funny. It even *looks* like a bishop.

I know, I know. I say I'm not blogging much and then follow up with a second post immediately. This is why I like Twitter, though. Much better for quick hits like this. Hits that *need* to be disseminated to the world. In case you missed it, click here for Garry Kasparov and...mother's little flying helper.

I did actually want to add one more thought to the earlier post, though. If there's anything I *should* blog on - some topic where you believe my, um, unique talents are well suited - let me know. What would *you* like to read?


sme said...

I would totally be into more blogs about girls wearing yoga pants. The dirtier the better, I say.

I dunno. I guess I'm having the same problem, which is why I haven't started up another blog. If I blog about work, my ass might get found out and fired....and all I ever do is work and play poker, so.... hmmm.