13 May 2008

Daily update for 13 May

This post is a meandering mess. Here are the bullet points (literally:)

  • Actually had to write software at work today
  • Had a mole removed
  • Didn't work on Pushing Daisies spec tonight, though I'm making decent progress
  • Wrote my first Ficlet - read it here
  • Am actually Twittering - stalk me here
Lovely day. First off, I had to actually write software at my job today. Real, live software. That's just wrong, man. I'm the guy who surfs the web in the corner and very occasionally busts out a few dozen sweet, sweet lines of code. Today I busted out more like a few hundred. I feel used. A little dirty, too.

This, mind you, one day after the CEO made me Commissioner of Ping Pong. She received some advice from the board to get people out of their offices and moving about. She decided that meant forced jollity. Now me? I play most every day with my friend when we get back from lunch. I enjoy it. A few others do as well. And then there are the majority. The majority who will now get to be pissed off at me because I'm supposed to "encourage" them to go whack the ball around. Lucky me. So coming in today and actually having work to do? Ugh.

Had to bail a little early which means I couldn't even get all the feedback on the work I'd done to know how badly I'd screwed it up. That means I'll have to go in tomorrow and write more code! Will this nightmare never end?!? Anyway, hustled my ass over to Mayo so they could slice a mole off my face. Mmm. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

This little bastard has been with me my whole life, right in my shaving path. I finally got tired of cutting it once every month or so and decided to have it excised. Thirty or forty minutes later, the cuts were done, the stitches applied, and the massive bandage stuck on. I'm going to look fantastic for the next week. Yay me.

Home to the dogs and wouldn't you know it, my short fuse was shorter than usual. Something to do with the lidocaine wearing off and the phase of the moon and maybe sunspots. I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, they quickly gnawed away my remaining patience. Fortunately, TheWife arrived home before I fricasseed little Wodehouse. She took me out for din-din and I sated my blood lust on a very rare rack of lamb. All better.

That's about it. I should have worked on my Pushing Daisies spec tonight, but I'm feeling a bit sore about the head-al area. Last night was pretty productive at least. I've got the breakdown about half-way complete and have four very solid act-outs. Once I figure out how to end Act Two and fill out the rest of the breakdown I'll be cruising. I should be beating the scenes out come Sunday.

Wrote my first Ficlet and...that's about it.

I've already gotten used to saying everything in the 140-character limit of Twitter. this is *way* too many words. That's right. I'm falling into that silly social networking trap. Said I didn't understand it, but now it's starting to make a little sense to me. Gods help me.