26 May 2008

This is what Red States look like

God help us, there's video above.

Why do I hate my neighbors? Because they can't do this shit in their *back* yards. I really, really need to move. And yes, those really, really are my hillbilly neighbors, drunk and disorderly and dumb as shit right in front of my house.


Mike Olbinski said...

A few things...

Why do people still laugh at a dude getting hit in the balls? I thought America's Funniest Home Videos sort of ruined that for us.

Second, you were out there with 'em :)

Third, what if they see this video online? :)

R.A. Porter said...

a) No clue. I've very rarely found it funny at all.

b) I was *not* out there with them. I'm *never* out there with them. Another of the Drunk Bunch filmed it and told TheWife about it. We watched in dismay.
c) Meh. They see it, they see it. At worst, that gets us moving faster. :)

Mike Olbinski said...

Hilarious :)

Time to move to the East Valley...it may still have those kinds of people, but at least we get more rain down here :)