14 May 2008

Pipe Problems


I'm getting what I deserve, I guess. Trying to get the Pipes beta to work with Blogger, FeedBurner, and the variety of RSS Readers is probably just not going to work right. The RSS feed looks (basically) correct, but what I'm seeing in Google Reader is jacked. I'm posting this piece primarily to see whether the problems were temporary or if they're ongoing. So if you're subscribed (and this actually shows up,) please help me out by answering the following questions in comments:

  • Did you see the post immediately below this, "Expanding my media empire"?
  • How many copies of "Older and Bolder" and "New(re)born" appeared in your feed?
  • What is the average flight speed of a laden swallow?


sme said...

1. Since I subscribe and read each blog individually, I don't see the blog below this one, although I did read it.
2. I have no idea what you are referring to.
3. 11 meters per second - apparently.

R.A. Porter said...

Coolio. #2 refers to two of the Ficlets I'd written. I merged the RSS feeds for the blog and my Ficlets together.